• Vintage inspired art
    Based on traditional printing techniques

About Puddle of Sun

Puddle of Sun evolved from my passion for creating beautifully timeless, stylish and lovingly handcrafted designs. After searching high and low for nursery artwork and keepsakes for our little one I was jaded by all the garish, blinding prints on the market. Putting both my art background and my wonderfully wonky antique printing equipment to use, I spent long creative days in my tiny studio dreaming up new designs. We hope to continue growing, daydreaming and pouring care into the new vintage-inspired things we create.

Puddle of Sun started by creating gifts for friends and family. We basked in the delight on people's faces when they were able to become a memorable part of someones' special day by leaving a lasting fingerprint on a very personal keepsake. Whether you're 8 or 80, people love being part of the creation process of someones artwork to adorn their walls. In timeless fashion, your loved ones touch will be there for years to come. A little puddle of sun.

We love what we do.... and hope that you love it too.


Vintage inspired prints from Puddle of Sun